Modular Hotmelt application system - Minipleat MPS

Hotmelt application system

Working width:

600 - 1200mm, or according to customers request


Intermittend Hotmelt heads

Bead distance:

25mm, 25,4mm, or according to customers request

Pleat height:

10 - 50 mm
20 - 100 mm
20 - 160 mm

production speed:

ca. 15m/min, depending on material


Standard EVA, other types on demand


The minipleat system can be positioned behind every pleating machine.

  • Inlet area with various guide rollers
  • Hotmelt coating from left and right side.
  • Hotmelt unit with 2 multiple nozzle heads.Nozzles are individually adjustable
  • 2 flagged guide rollers, therefrom 1 of them adjustable in height for the adaptation of the hotmelt temperature at the time of the pleat raising.
  • Driven gathering rollers for the material transport through the unit and for pleat gathering.
  • Conveyor belt and downholder for guiding of the glued pleat string.
  • Transportation conveyor and outlet table for further customer proceedings.
  • The control is effected through an industrial PC with a 12  touch panell.
  • The speed of the unit is freely adjustable.