Street sweepers


Carrousel Machine
with one drilling and filling station, with PC-control programming free-, for the production of street brooms with radial spread, up to 600mm in one operation

Tool size:

5,0 mm – 12,0 mm

Tool stroke:

165 mm (standard)

Material length:

75mm – 420 mm (unfolded)


  • Carrousel with 3 pneumatic clamping stations, running continuously.
  • No changing of the brush bodies from drilling to filling.
  • Control of failure and breakdown by indicator
  • High speed, simple and quick changing from one model to the other
  • Home manufacturing of brush programmes automatically, manually by keyboard or “Teach-In method“.

Machine speed:

300 bundles / min

Noise level:

75 dB

Electrical connection:

5,0 KW


approx.. 1.950 kg, net


approx.. D: 2,10 m  W: 2,60 m  H: 1,80 m