Brush production for the street cleaning

For the manufacture of brushes and brooms for the purpose of street cleaning, Roth Composite Machinery offers tailor-made machine solutions. The traditional company located in Burgwald developed a production line for the manufacture of roller brushes, strip brushes and disk brushes in close dialogue with a French customer.
Having a height of almost three metres and a weight of twelve tons, it is one of the largest machines belonging
to the VP series of the manufacturer. The production line is suitable for the manufacture of brushes for
sweepers being used in the public service. It offers various innovations: Besides the three-channel
material box for making one brush with three different kinds of bristles, the new concept of changing carriers enables a highly flexible use of all basic bodies.

Furthermore, a double drilling machine is integrated. The machine is newly designed with servo motors and its advantage is a simple programming for the brush-making. It is equipped with a freely programmable PC control. The frame for strip brushes is designed as radial frame.

Technology in detail

The brush-making machine with five axes allows a separate drilling and filling at a production speed of 150 bundles per minute. It is processing a maximum brush length of 2500 millimetres (strip brushes and roller brushes). Owing to the large tool stroke of 350 millimeters, the processing of unfolded material up to a length of 700 millimetres is possible. The machine is suitable for the manufacture of disk brushes with a diameter of up to 1000 millimetres in two working steps and a position of the bundles of up to 50° inclination. It is manufacturing roller brushes having diameters of up to 650 millimetres. The production line enables the manufacture of strip brushes of heights of up to 300 millimetres in one working step and heights of up to 500 millimetres in two working steps. Dennis Brückner, Plant Manager at Roth Composite Machinery in Burgwald declares: “Our brush-making machines are characterized by high efficiency and a very quiet operating process. The brush designs can be changed over fast and easily. The first-class quality of our machines is based on our know-how of almost 100 years.”