Roth Composite Machinery completes its range of products with robot winding processes

Roth Composite Machinery from Steffenberg completes its range of products with Robot Filament Winding Machines. This technology implies that the fibre delivery eye - used for the fibre guide during the winding - is moved by means of an six-axis robot. The plants are particularly suitable for development purposes and for the small-series manufacture of products for light-weight applications. Bernd Fischer, Sales Director of the company emphasises: “Due to the completion of our delivery program, we now meet every customer requirement with the appropriate solution as regards the filament winding technology. Our machines and production lines cover all manufacturing processes - from the development through small series up to mass production. Besides the Robot Filament Winding Machine, we also offer our machine Type 1-ECO for small to medium series and for manual workplaces as well as our Filament Winding Machine FWA 1 for big series and fully automated mass productions.” The first Robot Filament Winding Machines have already been sold and the deliveries will be carried out soon, added the Sales Director.

Modular design, short delivery periods

Regarding the new machine program, Roth Composite Machinery cooperates with a leading manufacturer of robots and combines the latest robot technology with its experience of more than 50 years in the field of fibre winding. Due to the standardisation of the fibre guide and the motion system of the winding axes, the manufacturer can offer an attractive price-performance ratio. The machine concepts stand out with their modular design as well as short delivery and installation
periods. The plants are especially used in research institutes and universities. While a CNC machine (computerized numerical control machine) equipped with modern control technology is automatically manufacturing products in large quantities, the winding robot is suitable for small quantities being produced at low winding speeds.

Experience and know-how from one provider

Components of the Robot Filament Winding Machines of Roth Composite Machinery are the impregnating station, the fibre unwinding unit as well as the fibre delivery device based on the proven Roth technology. Here, the company can rely on thorough knowledge in the process engineering as regards each individual manufacturing step. Only the fine adjustment of each production step during the filament winding process leads to an optimal result. Thus, for example, the correct use of the impregnating bath or the precisely regulated fibre tension during the winding process are key factors for achieving a first-class product quality as regards the manufactured parts. As general contractor, Roth has the know-how for the conception of complete production processes from the filament winding technology to the demoulding. This also includes the design and the development of components as well as the prototype manufacture. Roth gives advice as to the material selection – e. g. concerning the fibres to be used – and regarding all details of the manufacturing process.