Brush-making machine with high automation level

For the manufacture of high-quality brushes and brooms, Roth Composite Machinery offers the carrousel transfer machine BFK2/E3-Tr with two filling tools. A tailor-made automation level serves for a maximum production reliability. The specialist for the manufacture of brush-making machines is a traditional company in this industry – formerly known as Schlesinger. This year the company is celebrating the centenary of its foundation.

The innovative machine design is processing all necessary single components, such as filaments, brush bodies and staple wire, to a finished brush on one machine. The Roth transfer machine with carrousel design is available with 3, 4 or 5 axes. It has three carrousel stations, a trimming and cleaning device (optional with flagging unit) being fitted by cartesian transfer as well as a feeding function via conveyor belt. Furthermore, the user-friendly machine is equipped with a labellling device, a branding iron as well as an automated ejection and transportation via the conveyor belt.

High process safety – especially when using natural fibres

The transfer machine as 3-axes version is suitable for the production of brushes having a length of up to 350 millimetres. When using 4- and 5-axes machines, brushes and brooms with lengths of up to 600 millimetres can be manufactured. The innovative filling tool with patented RoAn technology serves for a smooth running and high production velocities. Due to the fully automated transfer between the working steps, the Roth transfer machine offers high process safety. An integrated trimming machine with two knife shaft units for the flow and return flow of the brushes serves for an optimal cutting result whereby individual geometries and trimming heights are freely programmable. Four lateral cleaning rollers enable a clean finish of the products. “All kinds of filaments, such as steel wire, synthetic filaments, natural fibres as well as animal hair, can be used. Especially the processing of natural fibres leads to excellent results“, declared Thomas Halbrucker, Sales Manger at Roth Composite Machinery.

Machine concept and control are self-descriptive

For the design of its brush-making machines, the company uses its wealth of experience gained over the last hundred years. Thomas Halbrucker emphasises: “For machine operators, our ergonomically perfected machines are absolutely convenient. A 19‘‘ touch screen allows a simple and clear operation and process control. An integrated brush visualisation, the step-by-step program procedure and detailed parameter specifications make the production process transparent for the customers. We considered versatile settings for the intuitively operable navigation.“ Furthermore, the project execution is flexible – customer-provided applications could be integrated into the Roth machine concept, added the Sales Manager.

The drives of the axes are realized by latest servo motors as 1-cable solution. An electro-pneumatic safety device serves for the protection and preservation of the drivers. The robust and service-friendly machine construction having long maintenance intervals stands out with a low-noise suction unit of approximately 70 decibels and a nearly wear-free operation. Short setup times enable effective production processes. The machine is built for highest output quantities with great reliability and flexibility. It meets highest safety requirements.