EHA + SCHLESINGER = ROTH Composite Machinery

The affiliate companies EHA Composite Machinery GmbH and Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH are pleased with its merger. Since the end of June 2016 we thus are at your disposal with an extended team. The broader technological positioning enables us to find even more precise responses to your challenges regarding the production technology. Due to a larger group of experienced fitters, we offer you maximum handicraft skills during the assembly and commissioning of your machinery and equipment. Our highly motivated service technicians optimize your production technologies for ensuring you an outstanding competitive position.

 As a partner you will even more benefit from the networking with our affiliated companies

 When having implemented the merger, we have also changed our company’s name as a sign of the stronger networking of our activities within the Roth group. As Roth Composite Machinery, we will draw from the rich fund of experiences with regard to the plastics and composite processing offered by our intragroup customers in a stronger partnership with our affiliated companies in future. We want you to benefit by using this know-how being outside of any competitions for the optimization of your plants and manufacturing processes. Thus, our Roth-internal, closer solidarity is also strengthening your company.


Roth Industries – a healthy family-owned company

(from left) Dipl.-Bw. Claus-Hinrich Roth, Dipl.-Kffr. Christin Roth-Jäger,
Dipl.-Kffr. Dr. Anne-Kathrin Roth, Dipl.-Vw. Manfred Roth

Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG comprising various firms and more than 1,000 employees all over the world is one of the most innovative companies in the areas Building Solutions and Industrial Solutions.The head office of the traditional company found in 1947 is located near the university town Marburg in Dautphetal, Hesse. While the company’s strategic direction, the controlling, auditing as well as the balance and financial planning is effected from there, the local employees are responsible for the development, production and marketing of the products. 22 production and sales companies are acting all over the world - in core segments as world market leader.Roth Industries bundles all activities of the companies belonging to the group in Germany and abroad. The company is owned by the Roth family to 100 %.

Roth – one trademark, many strengths

Roth Industries reassembles and is strengthening for the global market. Related business fields are combined and the professional expertise is focused on six divisions. Roth Industries is changing from a group of companies with different trademarks to a homogenous unit with a brand image in one package. Basis and initiator is the business family Roth. All divisions are operated under the trademark Roth – it is the “face” of our family company and shows global identity. The name of our family-owned company Roth and the trademark Roth stand for reliability and trust, customer orientation and partnership, quality and service, competence and innovation leadership as well as sustainable corporate development for many years. We accept responsibility for our business partners, for the environment and society. We concentrate our experiences and competences and take advantage of synergies in order to further expand our innovation leadership and to offer our customers best performance.


Roth Industries – a diversified industrial company

With our competence fields energy, water, plastics we have a high rate of interdisciplinary capacity which is strengthening our global market positions and is preparing us for the future. We offer economic and technological peak performances as well as innovative and environment-friendly solutions for buildings and industry. In the area Building Solutions we are operating in the divisions Energy Systems, Sanitary Systems and Environmental Systems.Our divisions of the area Industrial Solutions are Composite Technology, Plastic Technology and Hydraulic Technology.

The company Bolenz & Schäfer is changed to “Roth Hydraulics” and is representing the division Hydraulic Technology. Roth Hydraulics has subsidiaries in China and in the USA. The two companies EHA und Schlesinger merge to “Roth Composite Machinery”. It is representing the division “Composite Technology”.

Roth – added value for our customers

 The new corporate structure enables the utilization of interdisciplinary expert knowledge and complex practical experiences. Customers of Roth benefit from that by

  • expanded and improved advisory service
  • consequent, integrally thought-out further developments
  • useful innovations with real added value
  • extended global service presence

 Our new corporate structure