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Trust in knowledge and experience

Future security by efficient, reliable and durable machines

The high-quality level of Roth Composite Machinery is a result of many factors

By the merger of the two special machinery manufacturers EHA and SCHLESINGER, the company Roth Composite Machinery GmbH resulting from that gets a strong and effective foundation. The broader technological positioning and the increased group of experts consolidate its existing corporate philosophy  to be open to new ideas and to make good things always better. This motto applies to Roth Composite Machinery regarding the development of the best production methods for the provision of efficient and reliable machines to realize production tasks of satisfied customers. Thus, we contribute to the extension and security of their outstanding competitive position in the long term.

6 convincing arguments

  • Innovation
    To be open to new ideas and to make good things always better - this motto applies to Roth Composite Machinery as regards the development of the best production methods in order to offer its customers efficient, reliable and durable machines for their production tasks and thus future security.
  • Advice
    From the idea over the delivery to the ongoing operation, customers of Roth Composite Machinery can rely on an experienced and fair support - easy, fast and worldwide, that is self-evident. This partner-like orientation is the basis for the deep confidence of the customers in Roth Composite Machinery.
  • Technology
    Innovative individual solutions and maximum flexibility characterize the machine concepts of Roth Composite Machinery paired with latest technology. However: The product is not determined by the technology but the product determines the technology.
  • Quality
    Each machine of Roth Composite Machinery is tested and adjusted as long as the results correspond to the customers requirements - not only at 99 % but completely. For that, Roth Composite Machinery is using best materials and latest technologies. Experienced service technicians are optimizing with endurance and attention to detail.
  • Manufacture
    Due to the leading position in the market, Roth Composite Machinery is obliged to constantly provide excellent performance, consistently high quality and strategic foresight when developing future-oriented technologies. Sound technology and high reliability secure the stability and durability of the machines as well as the common success of Roth Composites Machinery and its customers.
  • Know-how
    A thorough, comprehensive training and a continuous knowledge transfer from generation to generation are a decisive investment in the future. This engagement contributes to the protection of the extensive know-how and the identification of our highly qualified employees with the own products of Roth Composite Machinery.