Roth Composite Machinery

Roth Composite Machinery is an internationally active specialist in the construction of special machinery. The company plans, designs, and manufactures units, machines, and entire production lines within its business areas including

The machines stand for first-class, high-performance mechanical engineering.

The worldwide operating team of sales engineers, after-sales technicians and representatives guarantees fast service and short response times. The customer- and application-specific design of machines is one of Roth's great strengths.

Customer satisfaction is our touchstone

trust needs to be earned

Customer satisfaction is our touchstone – trust needs to be earned

A partnership-based approach, comprehensive industry knowledge and many years of experience with solutions to demanding tasks; all of these provide the basis for the trust that customers have placed in Roth Composite Machinery Brushes & Brooms for decades. The know-how possessed by our mechanical engineering experts consists of being able to listen, think analytically and develop complete, customer-specific solutions with new technology. This not only generates trust, but also satisfaction…

Choosing a machine from Roth Composite Machinery means choosing the best quality. If a problem does ever occur, however, you can rely on the global service offered by Roth Composite Machinery Brushes & Brooms – no matter where you are.