About Roth Composite Machinery

The cooperative orientation, in-depth industry knowledge, and experience amassed over decades in solving demanding tasks form the foundation of the trust that customers have been placing in Roth Composite Machinery for many years.

The machinery experts' know-how lies in their ability to listen, think analytically, and develop customer-specific overall solutions with new technologies from there. This process not only builds trust but also satisfaction...

Choosing a machine from Roth Composite Machinery is a decision for the best quality. Should a problem occur, you can rely on the worldwide service of Roth Composite Machinery, and this is completely independent of the location.

Filament Winding & Prepreg

As an internationally active machinery system supplier in the Filament Winding & Prepreg business field, Roth Composite Machinery supplies customized solutions for the redesign and optimization of manufacturing processes. Our highly productive machine technology with patented functions will speed up your manufacturing to the level of the highest material efficiency.

With over 60 years of experience, Roth Composite Machinery is a global technology leader. The most renowned higher education institutions, leading manufacturers from the aviation and aero-space, wind energy, and electronic technology industries, and especially the most successful high-volume manufacturers of pressure vessels, all profit from our reliable systems.

Pleating & Coating

In the business field Pleating & Coating, Roth Composite Machinery combines the previous activities of SCHLESINGER in pleating machines with those of EHA in coating and impregnating units and/or lines. Our common foundation is supplying machines individually customized for your processes to manufacture and refine web-shaped materials.

Drawing on the industry expertise of our employees, which sometimes amounts to well over 25 years, we develop your units to create optimal product quality in robust and high-performance machine construction. Thanks to our distributor network, active worldwide, we offer a rapid, top class service.

Brushes & Brooms

The Brushes & Brooms business field of Roth Composite Machinery has its roots in SCHLESINGER Maschinenbau GmbH.

With over 100 years of experience in the development, engineering and production of manufacturing machines for the brush industry, we are your specialists for the planning, production and assembly of special machines and prototypes for the brush and broom industry worldwide. From our headquarters in Germany, we offer you an all-inclusive service from planning via production to assembly. The Brushes & Brooms business field of Roth Composite Machinery uniquely combines the strengths of innovation, craftsmanship, precision and tradition.

From simple to complex – innovation as a concept

Innovative customized solutions paired with state-of-the-art technology and great flexibility are the hallmarks of our machine concepts. Roth Composite Machinery has been demonstrating these qualities for many decades. Customers can safely put their trust in the experienced and partnership-based support which is naturally simple, rapid and available worldwide.

6 Reasons, to win you over


Open to new ideas and doing good things even better – at Roth Composite Machinery, this motto applies to the development of the best manufacturing methods to give our customers high-performance, reliable and durable machines for their manufacturing tasks, thereby ensuring them viability in the future.


From the initial idea to delivery and ongoing operations, customers of Roth Composite Machinery can rely on experienced partnership-based support – simple, rapid and worldwide. Our fundamental emphasis on partnership is the reason why customers place their profound trust in Roth Composite Machinery.


Innovative customized solutions and the highest degree of flexibility are hallmarks of the machine concepts of Roth Composite Machinery, paired with state-of-the-art technology. But: it’s not the technology that determines the product, but the product that determines the technology.


Every machine from Roth Composite Machinery is tested and adapted until the result complies with the requirements of the customer – not only up to 99 percent, but completely. To ensure this, Roth Composite Machinery uses the best tools and the state-of-the art technology. Experienced application technicians optimize the technology with perseverance and a love of detail.


Roth Composite Machinery’s leading position in the market means that it is constantly striving towards excellent performance, consistent high quality and a strategic vision in the development of forward-looking technology. Solid engineering and a high degree of reliability ensure the stability and long-term viability of the machines and the success of both Roth Composite Machinery and its customers.


Thorough, comprehensive training and a continual knowledge transfer from generation to generation represent a vital investment in our future. This dedication contributes to the considerable know-how of our highly qualified employees and ensures that they identify with the individual products of Roth Composite Machinery.

One brand, many strengths

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