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The AR type offers:

In a chain of necessary modules, the unwinds are the first link that is required to manufacture a perfect product. These can be designed very individually due to a wide variety of materials and dimensions. This results in an endless range of variants from which we can develop the optimum solution for you.

Individual and customizable at any time

Our unwinding systems offer a wide range of configuration options to meet the requirements of your application. From a single unwinding station to ten stations, we can provide various configurations. There are no restrictions on roll diameters - all diameters are possible depending on the application. The maximum roll weight varies depending on the working width and model. 
Depending on the application and load requirements, our systems can be constructed either from aluminum profiles or as robust welded frames.


Features of the AR

  • Depending on the application and load, the unwinds are designed out of aluminum or as a welded steel frame
  • All stations are equipped with an expansion clamping shaft and dancer controls incl. pneumatic tension adjustment (option)  
  • Installation of various additional options such as traction regulations, web edge control systems, splicing tables or -machines, perforation units, edge trimming, edge trim suction, roll end sensors, meter counters and much more possible.

Technical capabilities of the AR

  • Number of unwinding stations: 1 to max. 10 possible 
  • Working width: 300-2400 mm
    (Special dimensions on demand)
  • Expansion shaft: Ø 76,2 mm (3") standard, other possible
  • Roll diameter: All diameters possible depending on the application
  • Max. roll weight: Depending on working width and model up to 2.000 Kg