Roth Composite Machinery enters North America Market

Joe Jansen is new National Sales Manager

Roth Industries, Inc. of North America is pleased to announce the North America launch of Roth Composite Machinery and newly hired National Sales Manager. Joe Brown, President and CEO of Roth Industries, Inc., North America stated: “We are pleased to welcome Joe Jansen as National Sales Manager of Roth Composite Machinery. Jansen has 32 years’ experience in the field of filament winding. He is well respected throughout the composite industry and brings a wealth of industry
knowledge and experience to our company. With him on board, we are able to successfully enter the North America Market and offer various services from standalone winders to full automated production lines.” In addition to being an integral part in growing North America sales, Jansen will also be responsible for providing and assisting customers with training on
operation, programming and repair and maintenance of their winding machines. Customers of Roth Composite Machinery can expect consulting from Joe Jansen with regard to the correct manufacturing methods for their products, as well as
recommendations for further equipment, materials and suppliers. Jansen stated: “Roth Composite Machinery is
a global market leader with over 500 installed machines and over 30 years’ experience in automated production
lines and I’m excited to continue to grow the business.” Roth has been in North America for over 20 years and
operates two manufacturing sites, in upstate New York.

About Roth Composite Machinery

Roth Composite Machinery builds and develops filament winding and prepreg machines, pleating and coating machines as well as machines used to make industrial brushes and brooms. Roth Composite Machinery was founded in June 2016 as a result of the merger of two Roth Industries subsidiaries: EHA Composite Machinery from Steffenberg and Schlesinger Maschinenbau from Burgwald. A leader in the industry, Roth Composite Machinery has over 50 years of experience. Currently there are over 500 machines in use all over the world. Its filament winding systems are used for producing high-quality, exceptionally stable plastic products for lightweight construction applications. They are used primarily for
the automotive and sports industries, air and space travel and wind energy systems. Synthetic resin or
thermoplastic materials are processed on these machines using reinforcing fibres, usually made from glass or carbon.
With coating and converting systems for manufacturing prepregs and finishing goods produced in webs such as paper, films, laminates and fabric, the manufacturer also offers solutions tailored to requests. The company also plans, designs and manufactures complete production lines. Roth Composite Machinery belongs to the family-owned company Roth Industries. With more than 1250 employees worldwide it is one of the most innovative companies in the building and industrial technology.