Filtech: Roth Composite Machinery presents innovative length cutting system

From 14 to 16 February 2023, Roth Composite Machinery from Burgwald will be at the international Filtech trade fair in Cologne.

There, the specialist in mechanical engineering will present an innovative, swivelling length cutting system for its knife pleating machines for the production of filters for the first time. These filters are used in a wide range of applications.

The new length cutting system enables an increase in production output, as the maximum width of the filter material is fed into the machine and the filters are cut through in individual widths lengthwise to the material web. Winfried Schäfer, Senior Sales Manager at Roth Composite Machinery, explains this with an example: "If our customer wants to produce ten centimetre high filters, he will get ten times the amount of filters in one production run with a filter material of one metre width compared to production with only one filter height. Therefore, length cutting systems have established themselves in the market. For better and risk-free handling in the production process, we have further developed the positioning of the cutter in the machine. This brings a number of advantages for our customers."

Innovative: Length cutter can be swivelled
The machine design developed by Roth Composite Machinery features the length cutter directly in front of the folding knives. "For safety and ergonomic reasons, we have designed the complete infeed table, including the cutter, to swivel. The operator can swivel the table by 90 degrees in a position provided for this purpose, so that the cutter practically swings out of the machine. The swivel position is deliberately chosen at the centre of gravity of the infeed table so that the swivelling process can be carried out easily," explains Winfried Schäfer. The operator can make the necessary adjustments on the length cutter directly and without physical exertion. Alternatively, the knife shafts could simply be removed by loosening two screws each and replaced with preset shafts. This saves adjustment and set-up times, Winfried Schäfer continues. Compared to standard cutting systems, the new process from Roth Composite Machinery increases the safety of the machine operator, as adjustment work is considerably simplified. The upper cutter in particular has sharp knives that pose a risk of injury to the operator during machine set-up. The cutting system is based on the principle of scissor cutting and works with round lower and upper knives. These run at a speed set by the machine – corresponding to the folding speed. The different diameters of the lower and upper knives create a self-sharpening effect.

Represented worldwide
Roth Composite Machinery offers a wide range of mechanically and servo-motorised controlled knife pleating machines, rotary pleating machines and minipleat systems. The range includes solutions for the production of filters for the filtration of gases, oils, fuels, liquids and for cleanroom technology. The company addresses the automotive and aerospace industries as well as medical technology, the chemical industry, IT technology and the household goods sector. A worldwide network of representatives guarantees service at short notice. Customised design and equipment of machines exactly according to customer requirements is one of the great strengths of Roth Composite Machinery.