Competence - Roth Composite Machinery

500 machines of Roth Composite Machinery in use worldwide

The manufacturer of special machinery, Roth Composite Machinery GmbH, headquartered in Steffenberg, Hesse, draws a
positive balance: More than 500 Filament Winding Machines of the company are successfully used all over the world. The machines for filament winding are suitable for the manufacture of products for lightweight applications made of high-quality
plastic materials being exceptionally durable by fibre reinforcement. Bernd Fischer, Sales Director at Roth Composite
Machinery, explained: “We are proud of being trusted by market-dominating customers from all industries. With more than 500 machines on the market, we underpin our technological leadership and rank among the world market leaders.” Already in 2010, a study of the “Manager Magazine” determined the German global market leaders. The family company Roth counts as one of them considering the product field Composite Technology amongst others.

Decades of experience

Roth Composite Machinery looks back on 50 years of experience in the development of Filament Winding Machines. Plants of 100 tons component weight and 30 meters component length are tested in serial operation. The portfolio ranges up to winding machines with twelve CNC axes. As regards fully automated production lines, the manufacturer has almost three decades of experience. Included in these are fully automated production lines for gas cylinders - from the granulate to
the tested composite tank. Already ten million composite tanks have been reliably manufactured on one production line. The handling of all kinds of fibres - from simple glass fibres to sensitive, highly rigid fibres - is also part of the company’s know-how. Bernd Fischer emphasises: “Our design engineers who are acknowledged to be leaders in the industry and
skilled in dimensioning, design and detailing, develop exactly the machines for the manufacturing tasks required by our customers. The result are highperformance, reliable and durable machines.”

Through merger stronger into the future

The two subsidiaries of Roth Industries, EHA Composite Machinery GmbH, Steffenberg, and Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH, Burgwald, have merged. Since June 2016, they operate under the name Roth Composite Machinery GmbH and appear with the logo of the holding company. Dr. Andreas Reimann, General Manager of Roth Composite Machinery, stated: „In line with the motto of Roth ‘one brand – many strengths‘, an extended team is at our customers’ disposal based on the new organization. With a technologically broader positioning, we find precise responses to the challenges as regards production technology. Due to a larger group of experienced technicians, we offer greatest possible service for assemblies and commissionings of production plants. Our partners will benefit even more from the networking with our affiliates as we take advantage of synergies in development, production and purchase.” The core competencies of the family company Roth include plastics processing, for example injection moulding and blow moulding technologies. With the merger of the two companies and thus of the product ranges, a restructuring of the business areas has been established. Besides the machinery for filament winding, Roth Composite Machinery builds Prepreg production plants, filter pleating machines,
coating and impregnating lines as well as machinery for the production of brushes and brooms (formerly known as Schlesinger machines for brushes and brooms). Within the scope of a reorganization, Roth Industries combined related business fields of the two areas building and industrial technologies and focuses the professional expertise on six divisions. By this, Roth Industries is changing from a group of companies with different trademarks to a homogenous unit with one
brand image for all. Basis and initiator is the business family Roth. All divisions are operated under the brand Roth in future – it is the “face” of the family company and shows global identity.