Clean air by filter manufacturing

Efficient hotmelt application sytem enables savings of hotmelt material

For the manufacture of filters being used wherever the air has to be particularly clean, Roth Composite Machinery located in Burgwald offers minipleat systems. The filters having been manufactured by this are suitable for ventilation sytems in residential and public buildings, in hospitals as well as for vacuum cleaners, gas masks or exhaust systems. The minipleat system MPS takes endlessly folded material from a pleating machine, stretches it out again and is coating it to the left and the right side by using so-called hotmelt beads. These are beads of hotmelt materials achieving a permanent bonding when cooling. Being raised to a bellow, the hotmelt beads come into contact and stick together. So, the sensitive filter material is protected and stabilized. The minipleat system of Roth Composite Machinery can apply either solid or foamed hotmelt beads. The use of foamed beads is realizing savings of up to 50 percent hotmelt due to the small air bubbles being integrated in the hotmelt. A later retrofit of the machines being supplied by the special machine builder to hotmelt foam can be carried out easily and cost-effectively.

Technology in detail
The minipleat machine of Roth Composite Machinery is processing material widths of 600 to 1200 millimetres. The application system is a hotmelt tank unit, heated hoses and 2 mutiple bead heads, being able to intermit every single bead for coatings on the left and the right side, where the bead distance could be 25mm or 25,4mm. On request, special dimensions as to the working widths and bead distances can be realized. The machine is suitable for pleat heights of up to 160 millimetres when having a working speed of about 15 metres per minute, depending on the material and pleat height. The minipleat system can be positioned after any kind of pleating machine. The feeding area is equipped with various guide rollers for guiding the filter material optimally. For adapting the hotmelt temperature at the time of the pleat, a height-adjustable roller is integrated. Gathering rollers enable the material transport through the machine and the gathering of the pleats. For transportation of the endless glued and gathered pleat pack, a transport belt and a hold-down device are integrated. An outlet table offers possibilities for further working processes. The control is effected via an industrial PC with touch panel. The velocitiy of the system can be adjusted according the production process. Besides the minipleat systems, Roth offers a broad range of mechanically controlled and servo-driven knife pleating maschines as well as rotary pleating equipment. The know-how of the engineers working for Roth Composite Machinery is based on an experience of more than 30 years in the manufacture of pleating machines. The company offers worldwide service from one provider.