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The MFM3-S type offers:

A further developed version of our MFM2-S, which offers the same flexibility as the previous model, but can work at a much higher pleating speed. The machine achieves speeds of up to 510 pleats/min. The wide range of applications with pleat heights of 4-100mm and a wide variety of materials is of course retained.

Flexible and user-friendly

Our machine enables precise knife movements, controlled by servo motors to ensure optimal performance. Control is seamlessly managed through an industrial PC with a user-friendly touch panel, allowing for easy operation and monitoring. Quick and flexible program changes are easily achievable to meet the demands of various applications. With working widths ranging from 300 to 1000mm, and custom dimensions available upon request, our machine offers a wide range of potential uses. 


Features of the MFM3-S

  • Pre- and post-heat
  • Pleat marking system
  • Pneumatic back pressure system
  • Soft touch: free adjustable
  • Knife angle: freee adjustable
  • Marking: By pen, W and/or M pleat
  • Special pleat: Alternating or stepped pleats 

Technical capabilities of the MFM3-S

  • Servo-driven knife movements
  • Controlled via industrial PC with touch panel
  • High-performance servomotors with water cooling 
  • Fast and flexible program changes
  • Working width: 300-1000mm
    (special dimensions on demand)
  • Pleat height range: 4-100mm
    (special heights on demand)
  • Speed: max. 510 Pleats/min
    (depending of material and pleat height)